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Tailored eCommerce Overview: Get an understanding of what elements you’ll need in order to optimise your online sales strategy.

UX/UI Recommendations: Discover opportunities to streamline user journeys, boosting sales with existing clients and attracting new customers.

Operations Optimisation Insights: Learn how digital transformation can lead to back office efficiencies, lowering overheads and your growing revenue. 

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Uniphar’s long-standing partnership with Monsoon Consulting, through multiple iterations of next gen B2B eCommerce solutions, underscores their ongoing commitment to excellence.

Simon Harkin  

B2B eCommerce Manager
Uniphar Supply Chain + Retail

apex at a glance

Apex is an out-of-the-box ready B2B eCommerce product for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.


Ready-made features to get you online and selling quickly.


Quick development with safety always a priority.


Personalised, fast, and efficient digital channels to boost sales.


Our solution reliably enforces compliance, granting access for authorised products.


Low upfront costs and fixed monthly payments.


Regular updates and guided sessions for maximum platform effectiveness.

With us you'll get B2B eCommerce expertise.  eye-catching UX & design. streamlined on-boarding. a high-performance site. a long-term partnership. out-of-the-box features. flexible payment plans. white-glove support. an amazing website. a team of experts.

ecommerce in biopharma is a tough game.
apex makes it easier.

In highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and medical technology, our ready-made eCommerce solution can help you fast-track your digital transformation.

speed to market

enhanced user experience

regulatory compliance

streamlined integrations

brands that trust us

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